Teachers Help Faq's

How can I create an instructor account on cored?
To create an tutor account on cored, you can navigate to the website's homepage and look for the "Teach on cored" button. Follow the on-screen tutor and provide the necessary information to create your tutor account.
How much do teachers earn per month on cored?
Teachers on cored typically earn between ₹30000 to ₹100000 or more per month, depending on their experience, qualifications, and the number of students can buy their courses.
Can I offer multiple courses on cored?
No, you can't offer multiple courses on cored right now. Once you have created your tutor account, there should be an option to create and manage only one course within your account dashboard. We offer option to upload or manage multiple courses from same tutor account some time later.
Do I need to have prior teaching experience to become an instructor?
No, you do not necessarily need prior teaching experience to become an tutor. However, having relevant expertise or knowledge in the subject you wish to teach can be beneficial in delivering a high-quality course.
What are the technical requirements to create and deliver online courses?
Generally, you will need a reliable internet connection, a computer or laptop or mobile phone, and any necessary software or tools needed for create and deliver your course content effectively.
How can I upload course content, such as videos, presentations, or documents?
The process of uploading course content, such as videos, notes, or qna pdf on the platform. Generally, you can navigate to your course management dashboard area and find an option to upload various types of course materials. Follow the platform's instructions to upload your content.
Is there a limit on the file size for uploading course materials?
Yes, your course does not exceed file size limit of 500mb mb of video course.
Can I include questions or motes within my course?
Yes, cored offer the option to include questions or notes pdf's within your course. This allows you to test and evaluate the knowledge and progress of your students.
How can I set the pricing and buying options for my courses?
cored provide settings or options for tutors to set the pricing and buying options for their courses. These settings may allow you to set the course price.
What resources or support materials are available for tutors?
cored provide help&support, faqs, contact us, and best practices to help tutors create and deliver effective courses.
Are there any guidelines for creating course content or structure?
cored provide guidelines or recommendations for creating course content or structure. These guidelines often focus on instructional design principles, best practices for engagement, and organizing the course material effectively. For more information visit dashboard first info panel.
How can I ensure that my course complies with copyright regulations?
To ensure that your course complies with copyright regulations, it is recommended to use your own original content or obtain proper permissions for copyrighted materials. Avoid using copyrighted materials without permission or fair use exceptions.
Can I update or edit my course content after it's been published?
cored allow tutors to update or edit their course content after it's been published. This enables you to make improvements, add new material, or address any issues that arise.
Is there a review process for courses before they are published?
Yes, there is typically a review process for courses before they are published on the platform. This review ensures that the course meets the platform's quality standards and guidelines.
How can I promote my course to attract more students?
Promoting your course to attract more students can be done through various channels. cored often provide built-in marketing features or guidelines to help tutors to market their courses effectively.Tutors share their courses on different social media platforms or groups to get more students to enroll. Plus, cored helps you to reach more students through marketing.
How are payments and revenue sharing handled for instructors?
We provide a revenue-sharing model where the teacher receives fifty percentage of the course direct sales through platform. Payment processes and schedules can typically be found in the cored terms and condtions or dashboad info page.
When and how do I receive payment for my course sales?
You will receive payment through bank account at the end of the month.
Can I offer a refund policy for students who are not satisfied?
Yes, cored officially provide students to refund their money if they are not satisfied by the course.
Are there any marketing or analytics tools available for instructors?
we are put various details on dashboard for better understanding for tutors.
How can I protect my intellectual property as an tutor?
To protect your intellectual property as an tutor, it is essential to review and understand the terms and conditions of cored. cored have copyright policies that determine ownership and usage rights. Ensure you have proper permissions for any content you use in your course. If anyone copy your content do contact us for takedown or deleteion of the course after review from cored team.
Is my personal information and tutor data secure?
cored have security measures in place to safeguard your personal information and tutor data. Check the cored privacy policy and security measures to ensure your information is protected.
Are there any restrictions on the course topics or content I can offer?
cored have guidelines or restrictions on the course topics or content you can offer. This is usually in line with community standards, legal regulations, or depending on the target audience of the platform.
Is there a limit on the number of students buying my course?
No, there is no limit of number of students buying your course.
Can I offer a free demo or preview of my course?
Yes, offering a free demo or preview of your course is nessasary on cored. This allows potential students to get a glimpse of your quality course before making a purchase decision.
Can I track the performance and success of my course in terms of student satisfaction and completion rates?
cored provide review and rating system for students. This information allows you to evaluate the success of your course and identify areas for improvement.
Are there any restrictions on the use of third-party resources or materials in my courses?
The use of third-party resources or materials in your courses may be subject to copyright or licensing restrictions. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions or adhere to fair use guidelines when incorporating third-party content.
Can I make changes to my course pricing or buying options in the future?
Yes, cored allow tutors to make changes to their course pricing or buying options in the future. This flexibility enables tutors to adapt to market demands or update their course offerings.
What happens if the online course platform undergoes an update or system change?
If the cored undergoes an update or system change, we usually provide notifications or announcements regarding the changes. This helps tutors stay informed and adapt to any updates.
How can I get support if I encounter technical issues or bugs with the platform?
If you encounter technical issues or bugs with the cored, you can usually seek support from the cored customer support channels from contact page or help&support page. Contact their support team or consult cored documentation for assistance.
Are there any guidelines or policies on content moderation for courses?
cored have guidelines or policies on content moderation for courses. This ensures that courses meet certain quality standards, do not promote inappropriate content, or violate the cored community guidelines.
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